3 Comments I messed up my link to feedburner - 01/12/09

Dear subscribers,

While playing around with my theme the other day, I updated the header file and messed up my link to feedburner. I made it link to http://www.feedburner.com/noctovis, which is the feedname I chose at the very beginning.

Afterwards I changed the feedname to nocturnvision, thus the new link to feedburner is http://www.feedburner.com/nocturnvision.

If you’re subscribed to the wrong one, I hope you’ll forgive me and subscribe to the good one :)

Happy reading!
Clumsy Laila

6 Comments Seven things about myself - 01/12/09

Since I didn’t escape to the tagging that’s going around….

Here I go:

1) I’m from Spanish and Moroccan origin. My mom was born in the beautiful Valencia, Spain, while my dad in one of the picturesque villages around Nador, Morocco. I was born in the heart of Antwerp, where I also grew up. My parents decided to move to Spain, when I was around 11. We lived in Granada for a year, and returned to Belgium, which had became our home in all senses. A nice consequence of this multi-cultural family, is that I can speak and write 5 different languages (Arabic, Spanish, English, Dutch and French), and that I can understand 7 different languages (the ones I speak + Amazigh – which is an Arabic dialect -and Valencian – a dialect spoken in Valencia -).

2) I don’t like shopping. When I go shopping, I go prepared, knowing what stores to enter, and what to get. It’s possible that I take something with me that wasn’t on my list, but I never spend a whole day at the mall to shop. I’ll just go, get things done, and leave. I prefer spending the rest of my time relaxed drinking a coffee, or taking some air out in the open. I developed this “i-don’t-like-shopping” phenomenon, after working two years and a half at the mall in Wijnegem, both at Zara and Mexx.

3) I can appreciate almost all genres of movies: action, adventure, thrillers, horror, romantic comedy, comedy, drama, … I’ll watch them all, if the movie description and cast convince me anyway.
But apart from that, I’m a big fan of Bollywood movies. These are Hindi movies, and generally, these movies are musicals. The songs, dances, clothes, … are just fascinating. Such a movie, has an average duration of three hours. Three hours of music, dance, and multi-cultural content, I love it.

4) I freak out when I see a spider. I can really feel horrible when I see one. My worst nightmares are about them. I don’t mind seeing them on pictures or on TV, but IRL, they freak the hell out of me. Talking about some arachnophobia here… They can really hypnotize me… Even writing this freaks the hell out of me!

5) Generally speaking, the man at home is the one who’s the multimedia and gadget freak. At home, I’m that freak. My hubby mostly tries to make me see reason and tell me that buying another phone, computer, or whatever -again-, is unnecessary at the time. If he wouldn’t, I’d buy a new phone every 6 months or maxiumum 1 year, a new camera every 2 years, all cool game consoles that are out (Nintendo DS, Xbox, PS3, or even a Wii), and a bunch of other things…

6) When I was in high school, I always wanted to be at teacher. I was following an accounting-direction at that time. When beginning the fifth year of highschool, we had to choose between a full administrative direction or a direction including IT. I chose the latter. In the informatics class, we started with some basic algorithms, and a while later, we started off in VB6. I actually enjoyed that way of thinking, and I liked the IT-class. I had high grades, but was still convinced I had to do the teaching thing. It was my Informatics-teacher, who convinced me to go looking in the IT-field. Eventually, I ended up doing IT at Karel de Grote-hogeschool in Antwerp… And here I am.

  • 7) I love astrology, and believe in the concept of horoscopes. I do find many resemblances between my character and the description of the scorpio sign. I don’t believe in crystal balls or anything, but I’ve encountered that my daily horoscope actually contains some truth… So when time permits, I will read a line or two about what awaits me next week :)

I think the person’s that I would tag, already have been tagged or will be tagged soon, so I rest my case regarding the tagging-thing! I know, that’s not a Scorpio thing to do, but astrology isn’t an exact science anyway :D

10 Comments Here I am! - 01/2/09

Hi guys!

A bunch of colleagues and friends just kept asking, why the hell don’t you just start a blog? If this is a try to get rid of some of the Laila noise each day, then I’m sorry guys, that’s just not going to happen, that’s part of my personality :) ! Take it, or leave it ;)

But what would I write on a blog? I don’t have anything interesting to say… And I didn’t like the idea of starting a linkblog (they are actually very usefull, but not my thingie to do)… But in the end, it seams like there are some nice people who are interested in knowing what I think and say, so here goes :) !

I’ll be blogging about my experiences when programming in .NET. Be sure to expect some writing about nHibernate, nDepend, testing, Resharper, Visual Studio and some great other tools and open-source frameworks (It’s too hard to sum everything up ;) ).

Happy reading!